27th of May, 14.00 - Kubbealtı (Architecture Faculty Building)


How and why do we choose our professions? How do we end up doing what we like to do or what is expected from us? Are we over-, or underachievers?

How may life teach us what our family, education and degrees may not have? Why does the division of labor work the way in which it does? How has the

19th Century changed the prestige and hierarchy of different professions? And how to make sense of it all?

As a graduate of METU Faculty of Architecture (1972 BArch, 1973 M.Arch.) and an alumnus of University of Pennsylvania (1976, Ph.D.) I want to share

my story as a storyteller. My career path followed an unexpected route but I think I ended up enjoying what I do for a living, teaching scriptwriting.

I hope my story and the followıng one-min films of my students from İstanbul Bilgi University that I will share online may inspire those who

listen to re-think their choices and career paths.






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